About Us


‘E Design Services’ was established in the year 2006 with the primary service offering of contract Engineering projects and product design services for corporate.One of our major clients is TCS and CTS Hyderabad and Chennai. E Design Services was also associated with numerous engineering colleges in the last decade in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, where it played a significant role in empowering young engineers through mentoring for Mini/Major Engg. College projects and encouraging internship competency development.

‘During the successful journey in creating and providing global standard design services, the founder Mr. Srinivas Voubillichetty, envisioned on how the quality of education in our nation can be further progressed through innovative and design thinking approach for skilling youth especially in the area of English Language that is commonly known to be a barrier for many brilliant students.

With that profound thought ‘E Design Services’ has dedicated a team of professionals to take care of end to end process of the following two initiatives in the year 2012.

(a) Skill Gap Assessments / Standard Global Assessments through ‘SNP Career Centric Pvt. Ltd.

(b) International English Language Training through ‘I.E.L. Academy’.

The skilling and related initiatives started by the founder is now lead by his wife Mrs. Sunitha Voubillichetty and daughter Ms. Niharika Voubillichetty with formal establishments.